Published Poems

From forthcoming collection

A New Father Thinks About Those Running Home – for Prac Crit

Thinning Apples at Ludag – for Manchester Review, later taken by Poetry Daily

From the Spanish – for Poetry Spotlight (underneath interview)

An Eel, a Singing Bird, A silver Coin – for The Scores

The Water-Carrier – for AndOtherPoems

I Started – for AndOtherPoems


From Moontide

The Work for Scottish Poetry Library Website (2014)

The Letter Always Arrives at its Destination for Forward Prize Website (September 2014)

Harvest for Forward Prize Website (September 2014)

One poem for AndOtherPoems (October 2013)

Two poems for B.O.D.Y. (October 2012)

Four poems for New Linear Perspectives (August 2012)

Two poems for Granta (July 2012)

The Tear in the Sack’ (Best Scottish Poems 2011)

‘When the Whales Beached’ (Literateur 2011) 


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